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Mention Webinar
Once we have a good number of applicants, we will run a Webinar. This will teach all applicants about the Reps program, it's role, and Reps' responsibilities.
'''The exact content will be linked here later. Check the [https:[ReMo// GitHub issueWebinar]] for progress in the mean timeWebinar related content.'''
== Step 4 - Orientation period ==
The application bug on Bugzilla will be marked as "Orientation Period" to keep track of this.
== Measurements for the Experiment ==
* ROTI for Webinar participants > 4
* The second round of the Webinar requires less than 5 hours of preparation in total including the follow-up
* The general time to process new applications is reduced by at least 50% compared to 2016 (not including already open, pending applications)
== Tools used in the Webinar workflow ==
* Webinar (YouTube LiveAir Mozilla)
* Bugzilla for applications
* profile

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