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Who is involved
==Who is involved==
Security Engineering is led by [ Richard Barnes] and [ Selena Deckelmann]Wennie Leung. Work is divided between these main teams:* Content Privacy and Security Team (Lead: [ Paul Theriault])Engineering: website & browser security features, DOM security (CSP, SRI, Cookies, origin etc), Content Blocking (safe browsing, download protection) and sandboxing.
* [[Security/CryptoEngineering|Communications security]] (Lead:[ JC Jones]): TLS stack, communications security, WebCrypto, [[PSM:Topics|PSM]], [[NSS]]
* Fuzzing Defensive Security Engineering (Lead:Tom Ritter): implementing changes to Firefox that improve our security posture.* [[httpsCA:// Al BillingsOverview|Mozilla's CA Certificate Program]](Program Manager: Kathleen Wilson)
To connect with us directly, you can our contact details on [ Mozillians].
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