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Firefox/Data Collection

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''Note: the data stewards do not typically verify that the patch collects the data correctly according to the documentation. That is the responsibility of the code reviewer.''
''' Requirements for opt-in (telemetry)'''
* The requesting team must have a plan to use the data.
* Exploratory data collection should be temporary and expire after 6 months/5 release cycles but may be renewed as long as the data is still valuable and the team is using it.
* Permanent or longer-term data collection should have a plan for permanent monitoring.
** ''Note: automated monitoring is preferred. However, the current telemetry alerting system is only designed for scalar performance measurements.''
'''Requirements for opt-out data collection (Firefox Health Report)'''
* The data must provide ''user value''.
Here are some examples of providing user value:
* Providing features or services directly to individual users.
* Providing features or services to Firefox users as a whole.
* Monitoring and solving product quality issues.
* Exploratory understanding how users are using the product, ''if that can be tied back to specific product improvements''. This data collection should typically be limited to 6 months/5 release cycles and can be renewed only as long as it still ties to specific product improvements.
Some data is collected as correlations: for example, we collect information about user operating system and version, and about user addon and addon versions, so that we can correlate and monitor crash rates and other error metrics against these groupings.
''It is not sufficient that collecting data benefits Mozilla (the company/project). It is necessary that we can map collected data to benefits for either individual Firefox users or Firefox users as a group.''
== Requesting Approval ==

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