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==Application Deadlines==
We consider MOSS applications in batches; deadline for the next batch is 30th April the last day of July 2017, and then every three months thereafter. Missing a deadline may cause a delay in the consideration of your application.
==Selection Committee==
We have formed a selection committee of 9 8 participants to assess awards on Tracks 1 and 2, as follows:
* '''Current Committed Mozillians''' - they bring a good working knowledge of Mozilla's day-to-day activities and how various open source projects are used.
** [ Benjamin Kerensa]
** [ Laura Thomson]
** [ Tom Ritter]
* [ 2016-04-13]: Django REST Framework, The Intern
* [ 2016-06-22]: Tor, Tails, Caddy, Mio, DNSSEC/DANE Chain Stapling, Godot Engine, PeARS, NVDA
* ...
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