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Firefox/Data Collection

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changes to policy guidance regarding category 3
== Eligibility for Default on Data Collection ==
* Categories 1 & 2 (Technical & Interaction data)
** Pre-Release & Release: Data may default on, provided the data is exclusively in these categories (it cannot be in any other category). In Release, an opt-out must be available for most types of Technical and Interaction data. Teams can may limit data collection to prerelease pre-release populations only if appopriate appropriate for testing/validation, cost reduction, or risk mitigation.
* Category 3 (Web activity data)
** Pre-Release: May be eligible for default on data collection, provided there is (i) advance user notice (ii) consent and (iii) an opt-out.** Release: Default off. May be eligible for opt-in data collection out on a case-by specific -case basis if mitigations are identified. Mitigations may include UX changes that make usersaware of additional risk, provided there technical mechanisms that remove the risk, or a risk assessment done of a case-by-case basis that determines the risk is (i) advance user notice (ii) consent and (iii) an opt-outlimited.
* Category 4 (Highly Sensitive data)

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