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Security/Tracking protection

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Code walkthrough: add a walktrough of the actual classification
=== Code walkthrough ===
The classification for tracking protection, separate from the [[Security/Safe_Browsing#Code_walkthrough|full Safe Browsing classification]],
is kicked off in [ <tt>nsHttpChannel::BeginConnectContinue()</tt>] and goes like this:
1. we asynchronously [ check the blacklist]
2. if there's a match, we then [ check the entity whitelist]
3. if it doesn't match the whitelist, we [ treat it as a tracker]
4. we either [ cancel the channel] (for full tracking protection) or [ set a tracking flag] (for tracking annotations only)
Note that only [ eligible resources] are run through the classifier:
- must not be a [ first-party or top-level load]
- addons can request [ permission to load tracking resources]
- we check the permission manager for any [ manual user overrides] (and an [ in-memory list in Private Browsing])
Tracking annotations are used in four different places:

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