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Security/Tracking protection

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Engineering: List the tests that are on central
** [ Fetch uses it to set a flag] to honor [ tailing] and [ lowering networking priority] when [ <tt>fetch()</tt> is called from a tracking script]
** XHR also [ uses it for the same tailing and lowering the priority] features when the [ XHR comes from a tracking script]
=== Tests ===
In addition to the Safe Browsing tests, here are all of the tests which are relevant to tracking protection:
./mach test browser/base/content/test/trackingUI/
./mach test netwerk/test/unit/test_trackingProtection_annotateChannels.js
./mach test netwerk/test/unit_ipc/test_trackingProtection_annotateChannels_wrap1.js
./mach test netwerk/test/unit_ipc/test_trackingProtection_annotateChannels_wrap2.js
== Lists ==

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