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Firefox/Data Collection

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Step 1: Submit Request: Reword Step 1 to be clear that we want a bug, you can reuse an existing bug, and we want the form as an attachment.
= Requesting Data Collection =
== Step 1: Submit Request ==
To request a review for new or changed Data Collection in Firefox, Data Review requesters start are required to provide the process by creating a bug/issue in their existing product + component with a complete following:* A completed Request Form, documenting what data is to be collected, why Mozilla needs to collect this data, how much data will be collected, and for how long it will be collected: ** Take [ this request form], which requires them and fill it out completely.* A bug to answer questions like why does Mozilla need attach the completed Request Form to collect data, how much data is necessary, how long will it be collected. The request is publicly available, as are any comments and approvals. The detailed steps in this process are: * Create * If you already have a bug using filed to add the data review bug form* Clone collection code, attach the “Request for data collection” form and answer all 10 questionsto that one.* Add * If you don't already have a bug, file to the bug a new one in your own component, or Firefox::Untriaged if you don't have a component (renaming it to e.g. if your code's in GitHub).** Tell Bugzilla that your form's extension is <tt>.txt</tt> will ensure so it can render it inline and so your Data Steward can review it more easily.* A notification so the Data Steward knows it's displayed inline in Bugzilla) that contains the measurement code time to be landed in your Request Form: * Flag a data steward peer for review with * r? on the file that contains attached, completed Request Form.** If your chosen Data Steward doesn't get to your completed formreview within a couple of days, please [ email the list].
== Step 2: Request is reviewed ==

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