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Project Fission

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=Project Fission=
Project Fission is the project name for advancing our process modelrevamping and strengthening the architecture of Firefox browser.
==Project planning==
Project Fission will consist of is a Cross Functional engineering team effort across the Platform organization. The DOM team is currently engaged in several architectural changes in preparation for more process separation.
[ Primary Meta bug - Bug 1432593 - (meta) Project Fission]
Other Relevant bugs
[ Bug 1437994 - Implement Abstract Browsing Context Trees]
[ Bug 1436504 - JS APIs for async communication between DocShells]
[ Bug 1429896 - (meta) Out of Process (OOP) iframes]
[ Bug 1353867 - Implement Cross-Process async window proxies]
[ Bug 1438272 - Move Session History State into the Parent Process]
[ Bug 1445459 - Rework Session Restore for changes to Session History]
We are still in the process of scoping the breadth of Project Fission and expect to have additional documents in the coming weeks. Scope, PHD, Project process, Roadmap, and Release criteria are still being formed and expected to be shared over the coming weeks.
{| class="wikitable"|-! Role !! Name|-| Executive Sponsor: || Dave Camp|-| CTO || Eric Rescorla|-| Product Sponsor: || Marissa "Reese" Morris|-| Product Sponsor || Selena DecklemannDeckelmann|-| Engineering Project Manager || Ron Manning|-| Engineering Director || Andrew Overholt|-| Engineering Manager: || Neha Kochar|-| Project Architect: Tech Lead || Nika Layzell|-Program Manager: Ron Manning | Product Manager: || Kev Needham|-| Accessibility Lead || James Teh|-| DevTools Lead || Soledad Penadés|-| DevTools Engineering || Alexandre Poirot|-| DevTools Engineering || Yulia Startsev|-| DOM Engineering || Kyle Machulis|-| DOM Engineering || Peter Van Der Beken|-| DOM Engineering || Andreas Farre|-| DOM Engineering || Alphan Chen|-| DOM Engineering || John Dai|-| DOM Consultant || Ehsan Akhgari|-| FrontEnd Engineering || Felipe Gomes|-| FrontEnd Engineering || Mike Conley|-| Graphics Lead || Ryan Hunt|-| JS/WASM security consultant || Luke Wagner|-| Memshrink Director || Anthony Jones|-| Memshrink Lead || Eric Rahm|-| Memshrink Engineering || Kris Maglione|-| Layout lead || Jonathan Watt|-| Media and WebRTC lead || Nils Ohlmeier|-| Necko Engineering || Valentin Gosu|-| Necko Engineering || Dragana Damjanovic|-| Office-of-CTO consultant || Boris Zbarsky|-| Security lead || Tom Ritter|-| Standards Lead || Anne van Kesteren|-| Workers & Storage Engineering || Henri Sivonen|}
[ RASCI (Mozilla only)]

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