Project Fission

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Project Fission

Project Fission is the project name for revamping and strengthening the architecture of Firefox browser.

Project planning

Project Fission is a Cross Functional engineering effort across the Platform organization.

Primary Meta bug - Bug 1432593 - (meta) Project Fission

<more to come>



Role Name
Engineering Project Manager Ron Manning
Product Manager Kev Needham
Project Tech Lead Nika Layzell
Accessibility Lead James Teh
DevTools Engineering Manager Soledad Penadés
DevTools Engineering Alexandre Poirot
DevTools Engineering Yulia Startsev
DOM Engineering Manager Neha Kochar
DOM Engineering Kyle Machulis
DOM Engineering Peter Van Der Beken
DOM Engineering Andreas Farre
DOM Engineering Alphan Chen
DOM Engineering John Dai
DOM Engineering Henri Sivonen
DOM Consultant Ehsan Akhgari
FrontEnd Engineering Felipe Gomes
FrontEnd Engineering Mike Conley
Graphics Engineering Ryan Hunt
JS/WASM Security Consultant Luke Wagner
Memshrink Lead Eric Rahm
Memshrink Engineering Kris Maglione
Layout Lead Jonathan Watt
Media and WebRTC Lead Nils Ohlmeier
Necko Engineering Valentin Gosu
Necko Engineering Dragana Damjanovic
Office-of-CTO Consultant Boris Zbarsky
Security Lead Tom Ritter
Standards Lead Anne van Kesteren



Meetings: Thursdays 12pm Pacific, "Fission" Vidyo room

Find us on Slack

  • #Fission