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Firefox/Data Collection

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Replace mentions of the review flag with the data-review flag.
** Tell Bugzilla that your form's extension is <tt>.txt</tt> so it can render it inline and so your Data Steward can review it more easily.
* A notification so the Data Steward knows it's time to review your Request Form:
** r? Flag the attached, completed Request Formfor <tt>data-review</tt>.
** If your chosen Data Steward doesn't get to your review within a couple of days, please [ email the list].
Data stewards review each request to ensure that it is documented fully and to assign the data collection to one of our 4 privacy categories as described here. tiers. The detailed steps in this process are:
* Data stewards receive an ra <tt>data-review? </tt> on a file in a bug
* Data stewards complete the [ data review form] based on the information provided in the data collection request. They ensure that the request:
** Follows Lean Data Practices & Guidelines
** The request aligns with user consent and control mechanisms outlined in the data collection categories listed below
Data stewards document the outcome of their review in the bug with an ra <tt>data-review+ </tt> or r<tt>data-review- </tt> and their completed form. Typical outcomes include:
* Unapproved requests are returned to data requesters for changes or clarification.
* Simple requests that fall within Category 1 or 2 are often approved quickly.

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