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Security/Tracking protection

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Add documentation for new lists and test pages.
*** <tt>analytics-track-digest256</tt>: trackers in the Analytics category
*** <tt>social-track-digest256</tt>: trackers in the Social category
** Fingerprinting lists:
*** <tt>base-fingerprinting-track-digest256</tt>: domains in both the Fingerprinting category AND in one of the tracking categories (Advertising, Analytics, Social, or Content)
*** <tt>content-fingerprinting-track-digest256</tt>L domains in the Fingerprinting category that are NOT in one of the tracking categories
** Cryptomining lists:
*** <tt>base-cryptomining-track-digest256</tt>: domains in the Cryptomining category
*** <tt>content-cryptomining-track-digest256</tt>: placeholder list, currently empty. Intended to include cryptomining domains that we don't want to block by default (for some reason).
* Legacy blacklists (Firefox 42 to 49):
** Blacklist (<tt>mozstd-track-digest256</tt>)
** <tt></tt>: blocked by <tt>base-track-digest256</tt> (and included in the [ Disconnect list])
** <tt></tt>: whitelisted in <tt>[ test-trackwhite-simple]</tt>
** <tt>*</tt>: a test domain added to all lists using the pattern <tt><list_name></tt>
*** For example, <tt></tt> is on the <tt>base-track-digest256</tt> list and <tt></tt> is on the <tt>base-fingerprinting-track-digest256</tt> list.
*** [ Github repo for test page].
* [[QA/Polaris/Tracking protection|Test plan for Fx42]]
* [[Services/TrackingProtection/Shavar_Server_-_Testing|Shavar test plan]] (includes end-to-end tests)

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