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'''Welcome to the [ Thunderbird] projectProject's community page.''' Below you will find , with links to commonly requested information.
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'''Thunderbird is alive and well in 2019! Yes, 2019. [[#Contributing|Please help us keep it that way!]]
The Thunderbird product is developed and managed by the '''Thunderbird Project''', which is collectively the community (both paid staff and volunteers) and the Thunderbird Council:* The community has continuously [[#Latest release|shipped releases]] with bug fixes and enhancements for many years. Read more at the [ Thunderbird Blog].* The community holds [[Thunderbird/StatusMeetings|regular meetings]] to discuss important matters of common interest, . Meetings are open to allanyone interested in Thunderbird.* The [[Modules/Thunderbird#Thunderbird_Council|Thunderbird Council]] is the governing body for the Thunderbird projectProject, and coordinates legal and fiscal matters on behalf of the community, and provides overall product strategy.* The [ Mozilla Foundation] is the project's legal and fiscal home.
= General information =
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