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Removed outdated Community Members page, going to update Core Team page to better reflect who is involved.
* [[Thunderbird/Contributing patches|Contribute patches and fixes]].
* [[Thunderbird/Add-ons Guide 57|Add-ons Guide for Thunderbird 57-60]] and [[Thunderbird/Add-ons Guide 63|Add-ons Guide for Thunderbird 63 and beyond]].
* [[Thunderbird/Community_Members|Community members]] - List of active community members contributing to and supporting Thunderbird.
* [[Thunderbird/Core_Team|Core Team]] - List of people typically actively involved on a weekly basis, and providing major input into Thunderbird.
'''To get more information or talk to a human, or just to introduce yourself, see [[Thunderbird/CommunicationChannels|Thunderbird Communication Channels]], especially the IRC channel.'''

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