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DRAFT May 2022 CA Communication and Survey: Added Response to Item 1
The following are communications that have been sent to Certification Authorities participating in [[CA | Mozilla's root program.]] If you have questions regarding these communications, please first review related discussions in the Mozilla dev-security-policy forum. If your questions cannot be answered in that forum, then please send email to
== DRAFT May 2022 CA Communication and Survey ==
* [ Read-only DRAFT copy of May 2022 CA Communication and Survey] ** This link is '''Read Only'''. To submit your responses, you must [ login to the CCADB], click on the 'CA Communications' tab and select the 'ay 2022 CA Communication and Survey' survey. ** Make sure you click on the ''''Submit'''' button at the bottom of the survey, and '''make sure you get a 'survey submitted' response''' -- there are required fields. === May 2022 Responses ===The reports in the following links are automatically generated from data in the [ Common CA Database (CCADB)]. * [,Q00161 Responses to Item 1]
== February 2022 CA Communication ==

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