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Questions about module ownership should be directed to the owner or peers of the Module Ownership module.
|name= Accessibility
|description=Support for platform accessibility APIs. Accessibility APIs are used by 3rd party software like screen readers, screen magnifiers, and voice dictation software, which need information about document content and UI controls, as well as important events like changes of focus.
|ownersowner= Alexander Surkov
|group= dev.accessibility
|name= Application Suite
|description=SeaMonkey, the Mozilla Application Suite
|ownersowner= Neil Rashbrook
|source_dirs=extensions/help, suite
|group= dev.apps.seamonkey
|name= Bugzilla
|ownersowner= Dave Miller
|group= dev.apps.bugzilla
|name= Build and Release Tools
|description=Tools related to build and release automation and configuration of release builds.
|ownersowner= Nick Thomas
|source_dirs=tools/, tools/build-environment, tools/build, tools/buildbot-configs, tools/buildbot, tools/buildbotcustom, tools/l10n, tools/MozBuild, tools/patcher-configs, tools/patcher, tools/release, tools/tinderbox-configs, tools/tinderbox, tools/update-packaging
|group= dev.builds
|name= Build Config
|description=The build system for Gecko and several org hosted Gecko-based applications.
|ownersowner= Ted Mielczarek
|source_dirs=build, config, tools/cross-commit, tools/, tools/cvsmgmt, tools/elf-dynstr-gc, tools/relic, tools/
|group= dev.builds
|name= Build Config: comm-central
|description=Build & configuration for the comm-central repository
|ownersowner= Robert Kaiser
|group= dev.builds
|name= calendar
|description=An XPCOM interface to read, store, and manage iCal data, along with a XUL front end that uses the XPCOM interface to implement a calendar application.
|ownersowner= Philipp Kewisch
|group= dev.apps.calendar
|name= camino
|description=Mac only standalone browser
|ownersowner= Stuart Morgan, Mike Pinkerton
|name= ChatZilla
|description=IRC client
|ownersowner= Robert Ginda
|group= dev.apps.chatzilla
|name= Code Analysis and Debugging Tools
|description=Tools for debugging Mozilla code or for analyzing speed, memory use, and other characteristics of it.
|ownersowner= L. David Baron
|source_dirs=tools/codesighs, tools/debug, tools/dreftool, tools/dumpdeps, tools/footprint, tools/jprof, tools/leaky, tools/memory, tools/module-deps, tools/performance, tools/post_compile, tools/preloader, tools/rb, tools/reorder, tools/trace-malloc, tools/uuiddeps
|group= dev.performance
|name= Composer
|ownersowner= Daniel Glazman
|name= Cookies and Permissions
|description=Cookies and Permissions
|ownersowner= Dan Witte
|source_dirs=extensions/cookie, netwerk/cookie
|name= Directory SDK
|description=Tools and SDKs for accessing LDAP Directories.
|ownersowner= Mark C. Smith
|name= docshell
|ownersowner= Benjamin Smedberg
|source_dirs=docshell, uriloader, webshell
|name= Document Object Model
|description=Document Object Model
|ownersowner= Peter Van der Beken, Johnny Stenback
|source_dirs=content/base, content/events, content/html/content, content/html/document, dom, dom/base, dom/interfaces, dom/locales, dom/public, dom/src, dom/tests
|name= DOM Inspector
|description=An extension that allows the user to inspect and edit the DOM of documents being displayed.
|source_dirs=extensions/inspector, layout/inspector
|group= dev.apps.dom-inspector
|name= Embedding
|ownersowner= Benjamin Smedberg
|group= dev.embedding
|name= Find As You Type
|description=Find As You Type (formerly called Type Ahead Find) is a feature that allows quick web page navigation when you type a succession of characters in the body of the displayed page (not in an edit box of or drop down list). Currently seeks new owner.
|group= dev.accessibility
|name= Firefox
|description=Standalone Web Browser
|ownersowner= Mike Shaver
|source_dirs=browser, other-licenses/branding/firefox
|group= dev.apps.firefox
|name= Global Key Bindings
|description=Global hot keys in Mozilla for the browser, editor, mail-news and widgets. Does not include underlined menu accelerators and the like, as those are part of i18n.
|ownersowner= Aaron Leventhal
|group= dev.accessibility
|name= Graphics
|description=Thebes graphics API
|ownersowner= Vladimir Vukicevic
|source_dirs=gfx, gfx/cairo, gfx/public, gfx/src, gfx/src/gtk, gfx/src/mac, gfx/src/shared, gfx/src/thebes, gfx/src/windows, gfx/thebes, modules/lcms
|name= GTK Embedding Widget
|description=Gtk Widget for embedding Mozilla into Gtk applications
|ownersowner= Marco Gritti
|group= dev.embedding
|name= HTML Parser
|description=HTML Parser
|ownersowner= Blake Kaplan
|name= I18N Library
|description=I18N Library
|ownersowner= Simon Montagu, Jungshik Shin
|group= dev.i18n
|name= ImageLib
|ownersowner= Joe Drew
|source_dirs=jpeg, modules/libimg/png, modules/libpr0n, modules/zlib
|name= Java APIs for DOM
|description=APIs for Java access to the Document Object Model
|ownersowner= Ashutosh Kulkarni
|name= Java APIs to WebShell
|description=Java APIs to WebShell
|ownersowner= Edward J. Burns
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