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== Links About the Fennec (Mobile Firefox) Project == "Fennec" is the code name of the effort to build a mobile version of Firefox. To download, use, and learn about mobile Firefox, see:
* '''[ Mobile Firefox home page]''' - Download Firefox for mobile phones
* [ Mobile Firefox support] - ask and answer questions about mobile Firefox problems
* [[Mobile|Mozilla Mobile wiki]] - news and information about Mozilla mobile development
== About the Fennec Project ==
"Fennec" is the code name of the effort to build a mobile version of Firefox. Here are some key project pages:
*[[Mobile/Fennec/Vision|Fennec vision statement]]
*[[Mobile/User Experience|Fennec user experience]]
Still have questions? See our [[Mobile/FAQ|FAQ]] for Mobile. If you're interested in what we'll be working on over the next 6 months or so, please see [[Mobile/Planning]].
=== Supported Platforms ===
Mozilla is developing Firefox for '''Nokia Maemo''' and '''Google Android'''. See '''[[Mobile/Platforms]]''' for more details.
=== Features ===
Firefox for mobile is packed with your favorite features, including:
[[Mobile/DeviceAPIs | Proposed Device + Location APIs]]
=== Technical Details, Project and Design Documents, & Designs ===
* [[Mobile/Fennec/Vision|Fennec vision statement]]
* [[Mobile/User Experience|Fennec user experience]]
* [[Mobile/Fennec/Extensions | Building extensions]] for Fennec
* [[Mobile/Fennec/Architecture | Architecture overview]] of the front-end UI
=== Performance ===
Performance, memory consumption and on-device footprint are crucial to both embedders and Fennec.
[ Current blocking 1.9+ performance issues]
== Building/and Running Fennec ==
* [[Mobile/Build|Ports, build instructions, platform support]]
* [ Download official builds for mobile and desktop platforms]
* Running [[Mobile/Fennec Mochitest|Mochitests on Fennec for Nokia]]<br>
* [[Mobile/Maemo4 Testfarm Notes|Maemo 4 Test Farm Notes]]
* [[Mobile:TestPage|Interesting web pages to test]]
Our [[Mobile:TestPage|first test page]], post interesting urls here.<br>'''Test Builds'''
=== Test Builds ===
* [ Mozilla 1.9.2 (Fennec 1.1) nightly builds]
* [ Trunk (Fennec 2.0) nightly builds]
* [ Latest beta release builds]
== '''Bugs ==''' 
* [ Open Fennec bugs]
* [ Unconfirmed Fennec bugs]
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