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Here are some steps for using the process of elimination to create a minimal testcase from a webpage that displays a consistent bug.
# Save the webpage on your local hard drive. Make a second copy.
# From the first copy, cut out big pieces of CSS, JS or HTML -- start with the pieces that are most likely to not have the bug. For example, at first just try to strip out plain paragraphs as these are relatively simple.Try to make as much as possible inline. Try to strip out all images, frames. If any image is required to get the bug, try changing the src to something that isn't likely to expire, such as: [[]]
# If the new version of the file still has the bug, save it as your second copy and repeat step 2.
# If the new version does not have the bug, then your second copy still contains the bug. In this case, repeat step 2 but avoid cutting out the same piece that you did last time.
For example, "No borders in tables at"
can become something much more precise such as "tables with rowspans do not get borders".
If it doesn't affect the test - add a title so it can be referred to, e.g <title>Testcase #1 for bug 123456</title>. Also, add the bug number in the filename of the testcase.
Keep in mind that you You need to use your brain throughout this process. For example,if the bug is layout flow related, then the width of your window and font size mayimpact the results.
== How to Help with Regressions -- Finding Regression Windows ==

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