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== Mozilla CTF ==
* [ January 25th PST]* Registration Soonstarts on the 7th of January (Pacific Standard Time)
== Game-style ==
Our CTF will be challenge based. We will present you tasks that are mostly independent from each other and can be solved separately. Topics will vary from Exploitation, Cracking, Crypto, Web Security (among others).
The game will be limited to one day (i.e. 24 hours) and the team with the most points is announced the winner (see Prizes).
Good examples for a CTF like this can be found at [ here] (Cheers to FluxFingers! :)) == FAQ ==* Is there an IRC Channel?** Yes, please join [irc:// #ctf-qa on] * What if I do not have a team? Will you provide a matchmaking service?** It is totally fine to play as a single participant. Please understand that we do not provide a matchmaking service.
== Rules ==

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