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'''====Existing Channels'''====
Audit existing channels where potential contributors find information (or should be able to find information) about how to get involved and then optimize to make sure the channels are effective.
Notes: get traffic stats for each to prioritize?
'''====Legacy Channels'''====
For an area of the project that has been active for so long, such as coding, there will be many old pages with out of date information on them. For instance, a search of 'mozilla coding' brings up [ this page on the site] as the third result and a [ guide for using CVS] as the fourth.
* Retire and redirect any legacy pages in top results for a Google search of '[ mozilla coding]'
'''Non-Mozilla Channels''' We can also look for volunteers beyond our Mozilla channels. Ideas for that include: *** '''====Offline Channels'''====
How can we use events as offline channels to help people get involved?
* Create a 'Hot to get involved with Mozilla Coding' flyer that can be handed out at events and made available for people visiting Mozilla Spaces.
====Academic Institutions====
There is a history of students at universities and other schools contributing to Mozilla as part of a class project. This has grown organically, but is a potential channel that could be developed.
'''Current Known Projects'''
Since the current efforts have grown organically there is no current list of everything going on with academic institutions. Getting a list together is a good place to start -- please add any you are aware of.
* Professor from Cal State Monterey Bay contacted us in Feb '12 about how he could have his students contribute to Mozilla for class projects.
'''Related Information'''
* [[Education/ComputerScience|Computer Science page on the Mozilla Education wiki]] (out of date but potentially useful)
* [ Seneca's Mozilla page]] (the Seneca program has been very successful and could be a model to use for other academic institutions)
====Non-Mozilla Channels====
We can also look for volunteers beyond our Mozilla channels. Ideas for that include:
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