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Creating A New Module
For many areas, the ability to create, alter ownership of and destroy sub-modules has been delegated to the owner of the module whose broad scope covers that area. This is true for Firefox, Thunderbird, and all of the other areas listed below except for [[Modules/Core|Core]], [[Modules/Activities|Activities]] and [[Modules/Other|Other]]. The controlling module is the first one listed on the page. Please contact that person about getting new modules created.
For Core modules and Activities (non-code) modules, please post your enquiry in the mozilla.governance newsgroup, CCing cc'ing the owner and peers of the [[Modules/Activities#Module_Ownership_System|Module Ownership module]]at module-ownership [at] mozilla [dot] com. If there is something sensitive about your enquiry that you aren't comfortable writing in the newsgroup, or in case of uncertainty, please send it to the owner and peers of the module-ownership [at] mozilla [Modules/Activities#Module_Ownership_System|Module Ownership module]dot]com.
===Module Lists===
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