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==== Overview ====
* Issuer issues a badge on their site, then prompts the Badge Earner to push the badge into their Backpack for portability.
** Issuer does this through the [ -API Issuer API] which provides script to present the Badge Earner with a modal dialog that requests their consent to add the Issuer's badge(s) to their Backpack.* Issuer can also push badges to the [ Mozilla Baking Service ] where the JSON blobs are embedded into PNG files** n.b. Only necessary if Issuer wants the Earner to have the ability to store badges outside of the OBI. Otherwise Badge Baking handled through the [ Issuer API].
* Displayers pull unpacked badges (JSON) out of the Backpack based on privacy settings and Earner action.
* Public badges are discoverable by Earner’s email address
* Earners can share badges through the Backpack, thus granting permission for a particular site to display that set of badges
* Displayers authenticate badges with the Issuer using the Verification check

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