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* Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) - Open infrastructure technology to support independent Badge Issuers, Display sites as well as the reference implementation of the Badge Backpack. Includes the Metadata Spec, APIs, Verification Framework and Badge Backpack.
** [ Badge Backpack] - The core authorized data store and management interface of Mozilla’s reference implementation of the Badge Backpack. Each Earner has their own Backpack where all their badge data is stored.
** [ Metadata Spec ] - The definition of what makes up a badge. Each badge is a chunk of metadata that describes the badge, including badge name, image, description, criteria URL, Issuer, etc.
** Badge Baking - Embedding the JSON blob into a PNG file to make a fully robust, portable badge (with all of the metadata embedded)
** Issuer API - The interface specifications for pushing badges into the Backpack

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