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J. Development History, Milestone, and Roadmap
* Alpha - The Alpha version of the Infrastructure, built for P2PU as the initial Issuer was launched in late July 2011. The Alpha included user account creation, a simple Backpack interface, minimum verification and P2PU Issuer tech. All badges earned from the P2PU School of Webcraft Assessment and Badge Pilot were pushed into the Alpha Infrastructure with support for displaying on the user’s P2PU profile.
* Developer Preview (Beta1) - The first Beta version of the Infrastructure launched mid September 2011. The Beta was a fully functioning (critical feature complete) Infrastructure, including all Backpack technology. Initial Issuers were plugging in following the launch. We did a closed beta launch to work closely with an initial group of issuers to fine tune the technology and ensure that we have data and experience to evaluate the Infrastructure.
* [ Public Beta ] - Public Beta included more features including the [ Displayer API ] and was launched in early April 2012.
* 1.0 Public Spec - In Q3 2012 we will release the 1.0 version of the Open Badge Infrastructure with all necessary supporting documentation and tools to make it self-service

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