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This page contains various links and information that might be of use to people who So, you want to contribute to the code of help out with Bugzilla. Right now itdevelopment! Great! Here's just a bunch of links--at some point it will be what you should do (most items have link to more organized.details):
1. [[Bugzilla:Communicate|Get in communication with the Bugzilla developers]], and tell us what you want to do. This makes it easy for us to tell you "Oh, we're already working on that, you can help!" or "Oh, the best way to do that would be..." 2. If a bug has already been filed for what you want to do, check its [Bugzilla:Priority_System|priority]. 3. Write some code. Make sure that you follow the [ Developer's Guide]. If you're new, you don't have to read the whole thing. Just read the [ General Guidelines], the [ Style] section, and any other part that you think applies to the code that you're writing. 4. [[Bugzilla:Patches Make a patch]] 5. [[Bugzilla:Submitting_Patches Submit your patch in Bugzilla]] 6. [[Bugzilla:Review Ask for review]] 7. Once your bug has passed review, [[Bugzilla::Approval ask for approval]] 8. [[Bugzilla:Committing_Patches Commit your patch]], or get somebody else to commit it for you. == Articles and Policies == These are various essays and guides that help with Bugzilla development. * [[Bugzilla:UI_Design|UI Design Tips]]
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