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== About the Fennec (Mobile Firefox) Project for Android ==
"Fennec" is the code name for the mobile version of Firefox. To download, use, and learn We are currently focused on developing [[Mobile/Platforms/Android|Firefox for Android]]. For details about mobile Firefoxother platforms, see:[[Mobile/Platforms]]. If you are looking to contribute, check out our [[Mobile/Get_Involved|get involved page]]!
* '''[[Mobile/Platforms/Android|Installing Firefox for Android]]* [[Mobile/Fennec/Android|Development Documentation]]* [ Product Planning]* [ Triage]* [[QA/Fennec|QA]]* [http://wwwwiki.mozilla.comorg/mobileMobile/ Mobile Firefox home pageMetrics Performance and Memory Dashboards]''' - Download Firefox for Android* [ Firefox Help for MobileAndroid Support] * [ Firefox for Android Add- For questions and problems with mobile Firefoxons]* [[Mobile|Mozilla Mobile wiki FAQ]] - News and information about Mozilla mobile development
Still have questions? See our [ FAQ] for Mobile. If you're interested in what we'll be working on over the next 6 months or so, please see [[Mobile/Planning]].== Communication ==
== Supported Platforms ==* [[Mobile/Notes|Weekly engineering meeting]] - Wednesdays at 9:30 AM, US/Pacific time* [ Read our development blogs]* [ Follow us on Twitter]
Mozilla is developing Firefox for '''[[Mobile/Platforms/Android|Google Android]]'''. Mozilla supported '''[[Mobile/Platforms/Maemo|Nokia Maemo]]''' up to Firefox 7. Official support was dropped for Maemo after Firefox 7. See [[Mobile/Platforms]] for more details. == Features == Firefox for mobile is packed with your favorite features, including:  *Awesome Bar – Go to your favorite sites in just a couple of keystrokes with intelligent and personalized searching *[[Firefox Sync]] – Sync your Firefox tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords between your desktop and mobile device for a seamless browsing experience *[ Add-ons] – Customize your Firefox by adding small pieces of functionality, like games and news readers, that help make the mobile Web browser your own *Location-Aware Browsing – Get maps and information relevant to your location *Tabbed browsing – View open tabs as thumbnails to easily identify and select the Web page you’d like to go to next *Safe Browsing – Get an Instant Web Site ID and easily access and edit security settings *Available in more than 30 languages and counting. See the complete list of [ Mobile Features]. == Project and Design Documents Old Wiki Pages ==
* [[Mobile/Fennec/Vision|Fennec vision statement]]
* [[Mobile/User Experience|Fennec user experience]]
* [[Mobile/Fennec/Extensions | Building extensions]] for Fennec* [[Mobile/Fennec/Architecture | Architecture overviewfor XUL Fennec]] of the front-end UI* [[Mobile/FennecUser_Experience/Research | UX Research Questions]] for Fennec* [[/Fennec2.0|Fennec 2.0 planningPlanning]]* [[Fennec/NativeUI|Fennec NativeUI Documentation]] == Performance == Performance, memory consumption and on-device footprint are crucial to both embedders and Fennec. 
* [[Mobile/Performance |Performance/Memory issues]]
** [[Mobile/StartupOptimization | Startup optimization]]** [[Mobile/XULOptimization | XUL optimization]]** [[Mobile/MemoryOptimization | Memory optimization]]** [[Mobile/Profiling | Profiling]]** [[Mobile/MemoryReduction | Memory reduction]] A list of * [[ dashboards] that can be used WritingFennecTests|How to track performance and memory usage. == Building and Running write Fennec ==tests]]* [[Mobile/Build:TestPage|Ports, build instructions, platform support]Interesting web pages to test]* [ Download official builds for mobile and desktop platforms]
* [[/Tips|Miscellaneous tips and tricks]]
* [[/Debugging|Debugging]]
== Testing Fennec ==
* [[WritingFennecTests|How to write Fennec tests]]
* [[QA/Fennec|Mobile QA Home]]
* Running [[Mobile/Fennec Mochitest|Mochitests on Fennec for Nokia]]<br>
* [[Mobile:TestPage|Interesting web pages to test]]
'''Test Builds'''
* [ Trunk (Fennec 2.0) nightly builds]
* [ Latest beta release builds]
* [ Open Fennec bugs]
* [ Unconfirmed Fennec bugs]
* [ Fennec bugs created in the last 10 days]
* [ Fennec nominated blockers]

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