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Public Suffix List

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Registries: added some links to presentations I have made to the ccTLD and ICANN communities
Maintaining an up-to-date list of all top-level domains and policies is clearly a vast task, and therefore each registry has been asked to maintain their own section of the database and email any changes to the effective TLD list maintenance team, who will then merge it with the master database.
=== Outreach to Registries ===
Some outreach has been performed to help expand the awareness of the Public Suffix List within the ICANN Community - to bridge the divide between registries and the PSL community. Here are some presentations that have been made to the ccTLD community and to gTLDs at ICANN meetings since 2011.
+ ccTLD Tech Day, June 2011 - ICANN #41, Singapore []
+ ccTLD Tech Day, November 2013 - ICANN #48, Buenos Aires, Argentina []
== Links ==

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