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Public Suffix List

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The public suffix list Public Suffix List (PSL) is an attempt to build a database of top''Top-level domains and their Level Domains'' (TLDs) including the respective registry's policies on domain registrations at different levels.
While the Public Suffix List has no opinion on alternative root systems, the list recognizes as authoritative and complies with [ ICP-3: A Unique, Authoritative Root for the DNS] (ICANN, September 2001), allowing TLDs under the ICANN Root as well as inclusive sub-domain entries, and cookie apexes that comply with ICP-3 in a non-discriminatory manner.
Entries addition/updates/deletions are put through a loose process of vetting, curation, and validation by the community volunteers who help maintain the list.
== Purpose(s) ==
Previously, browsers used an algorithm which basically only denied setting wide-ranging cookies for top-level domains with no dots (e.g. com or org). However, this did not work for top-level domains where only third-level registrations are allowed (e.g. In these cases, websites could set a cookie for which will be passed onto every website registered under
== Website ==
The website for the Public Suffix List is at [].
== Registries ==
Maintaining an up-to-date list of all top-level domains and policies is clearly a vast task, and therefore each registry has been asked to maintain their own section of the database and email any changes to the effective TLD list maintenance team, who will then merge it with the master database.
=== Outreach to Registries ===
== Links ==
* [ The Public Suffix List]
* [ ICP-3: A Unique, Authoritative Root for the DNS]
=== TLD Lists ===
* [ Current Effective TLD List](use [] instead)
* [ Wikipedia: List of Internet top-level domains]
* [ IANA Root Zone Database]

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