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There are various ways to contribute, please refer to for details.
The "Mozilla Location Service" project is a pilot project to assess the impact Mozilla can have on the geolocation landscape, specifically to improve user privacy and enable innovation.
Geolocation lookup is a very useful service to provide to users. None of the current companies offering this type of service have any incentive to improve on privacy. Geolocation lookup and the potential for tracking the physical movement of individuals is a serious privacy issue.
Why Mozilla? The web platform needs the capability, and currently we have to provide it in our offerings through business deals without much impact on the privacy aspects of the service. We have a unique access to Firefox on lots of devices for gathering and reporting back data. We don't have to monetize the gathered data and can operate a public service. If we can run a successful service, we get leverage to improve the privacy aspects in the landscape.
== Links ==
* MozStumbler client source code:
* MozStumbler client releases:
* Server API documentation: (the actual endpoint is
* Server source code:
* Stumbler leaderboard stats and map:
* [ Relevant projects and literature]
* [ Overview of existing data sources]
* Bugs can be reported in the general Bugzilla tracker under the [ Mozilla Services :: Location] component (for legal, operations, or unknown category)
* A list of open bugs: [ Location bugs]
* If the bug is about the stumbler of server code or has a patch / pull request associated with it, you can use the github bug trackers for the two projects.
== Meetings ==

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