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  • Although some content is specific to Bugzilla, Bugzilla:Developers is a good example of how development works in general on Spread Firefox (and Mozilla in general).
  • Use PEAR coding style
  • Comment your code.
    • Function definition blocks at the least
    • Inline comments for complex code, use your best judgment
  • Always put a bug # and descriptive comment about the changes in your SVN commit messages.
  • Don't embed HTML code in PHP code.
    • Define templates and keep presentation separate from logic code.
  • Don't touch the Drupal core. If you think you absolutely have to, OK it with another developer and document where and why you did so.
  • Don't push on Fridays or when you won't be around to verify the changes.
  • Drupal CVS
  • Please commit changes back to drupal.org wherever possible as it's important that we don't fork our distribution
  • For specific detailed instructions on how to setup a local MAMP server for development , please click here
  • For generic instructions on setting up a local server on different OS's please click here