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Since around Sept. 2008, we've had issues with Affiliates points and metrics on Spread Firefox that caused us to lose track of all-time totals for each affiliate.

This is a project to recover those points, by means of re-extracting the data from access logs. Metrics and IT will help parse the months worth of log files to find the data we need.

More background on Affiliates


  • Metrics
    • Daniel Einspanjer
    • Ken Kovash
  • IT
    • Trevor Hardcastle
  • Webdev
    • Alex Buchanan
  • Marketing
    • Laura Mesa
    • Mary Colvig

Current Status

  • Kickoff meeting happened 5/20/09
  • Catchup meeting on 7/15/09


  • Detailed description of Affiliates stats and how they are calculated (Alex B)
  • Restore log files from tape (chizu + IT)
  • Restore Sept. 1 DB backup from tape (chizu + IT)
  • More hardware? (metrics + IT)
    • Having more processing power will make this a faster process. Currently, we have 1 box, dm-stats01. IT would be the one to decide & deliver the actual hardware. Metrics has a good idea of what we would need.


We are shooting to have this complete in July. No specifics on schedule so far.