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This week in SFx land

  • Switch page completed/waiting on review from Alix -- push today or Tuesday based on QA.
  • SFx Metrics tools completed. bug
  • Project overview editing issue. bug - Buchanan to look into this.
  • Sharing with other sites. Jamey made the sample buttons. bug - Mary to get back to Jamey on designs and decide where it goes.

Focus for October

  • Pick up from 3.0.5, including email notification.
  • Affiliates backend
    • Start planning and building out system using tools provided by the Metrics team
    • Alex has been trying the metrics tools.
      • Will reorganize table & split it off into it's own database
  • Affiliates Reward Tracker - work on Nov.
    • Small task, probably about 1 week total (dev, qa, etc)
    • Laura to develop copy
    • Selecting from overall pool
  • Campus reps: Complete student page
  • Changes to Party page.
    • Sarah to file bugs
    • Alex to make it editable.

Other updates

  • Homepage refresh
    • Mary to send wireframe suggestion on page
    • Consider putting promos in Featured Projects
    • Combine Recent Discussions + Recent replies w. scroller
  • Release on Thursday or 10/29.