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MozTour - Spreading Roots (Community Rwanda)


The event will start on 2012/06/06 02:00:00 PM till 2012/06/10 06:00:00 PM.


Kigali, Rwanda, EMEA


This event is owned by Hezy404


It is estimated that 100-500 people will be at the event.


After such a positive response from the community's visit to Uganda last year, Mozilla Kenya is now aiming to spread the word about Mozilla and its presence across the entire East African region and the next stop is Kigali, Rwanda. During our tour, we'll visit three of the main universities based in Rwanda as well as local development communities such as k-Lab and HeHe in an effort to get interested groups to take spearhead the running of the local community. Since this event is centered around university students and young developers, the best time for this has been identified as the first week of June if we are to maximize on the impact of our tour.

We hope that after all of these efforts Mozilla will not only be heard of but have a strong presence in the region as people will stop identifying the word Mozilla with "an icon" they see on their desktops and start identifying with it personally through it's mission and in their daily activities. Mozilla will in essence stop being just a name and more of a movement across the region.

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1) Make presentations on Mozilla and what we're all about - Spread the Mozilla spirit to Rwanda

2) Illustrate how Mozilla communities work and how you can contribute to Mozilla's mission and vision. We aim to not only seed a community but ensure the community can run smoothly afterwards with active contributors and recruiting mechanisms left in place.

3) Give a talk on Open Web technologies like HTML5 and Mozilla's commitment and efforts in this front such as B2G among others

4) Train people on add-on, web and mobile development - HTML/CSS/Javascript, PHP/Python basics, Git and team development

5) Show people how to best enjoy the web using Firefox by showcasing it's features and recommended add-on packs

6) Run mini contests throughout the tour to instill self-interest

7) Identify contact persons to perform follow up activities after the tour to ensure the community runs stably afterwards

Booth Personnel

We'll have a booth manned by 2 people and one presenter will be inside at any given time. The booth personnel will not only ensure interested persons have all their questions answered but also give practical/hands-on demos to what we'll be evangelizing there. This includes illustrations on how our collaboration tools work such as mailing list, IRC, development tools such as firebug, web developer, git among others.

Follow Up

The tour was more successful than we had even anticipated. Check out the following for more:

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