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This list includes only those interviewees who consented to make their participation in this project public.

Alan Borning

Professor of Computer Science, University of Washington

Alan Davidson

VP of Global Policy, Trust, and Security, Mozilla Corporation

Ame Elliott

Design Director, Simply Secure Berlin

Anouk Ruhaak

Mozilla Fellow

Arvind Narayanan

Computer Scientist; Associate Professor, Princeton University

Augustine Fou

Ad Fraud Expert and Adjunct Faculty, Marketing, New York University

Aza Raskin

Co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology

Bart Decrem

Making stuff @ Mozilla

Ben Wizner

Director, Speech, Privacy & Technology Project, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Caroline Sinders

Mozilla Community Member, Berlin

Cory Doctorow

Sci-Fi Writer; Special Advisor, EFF

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Civilization Theorist, Center for Humane Technology

David Bryant

Mozilla Technical Fellow and Head of Advanced Development, Emerging Technologies

David Gehring

Mozilla Fellow; Distributed Media Lab, CEO

Denise Hearn

Author, The Myth of Capitalism


Identity Theft Victim

Don Marti

Open Innovation Strategist, Mozilla

Douglas Rushkoff

Media Theorist and Author

Ekr Rescorla

Chief Technology Officer, Firefox

Glen Weyl

Political Economist & Social Technologist, Microsoft, Office of CTO

Ioana Chiorean

Mozilla Community Member, Romania

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff

Chief Marketing Officer, Mozilla

Javaun Moradi

Senior Firefox Product Manager, Mozilla

Jen King

Director of Consumer Privacy, Center for Internet and Society, Stanford

Jess Mitchell

Researcher, Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD

Jessie Brunner

Senior Program Manager, Stanford Center for Human Rights and International Justice

Jochai Ben-Avie

Head of International Policy, Mozilla

Katharina Borchert

Chief Innovation Officer, Mozilla

Kathy Giori

Senior Product Manager of Emerging Technologies, Mozilla

Marissa “Reese” Wood

Vice President of Firefox, Mozilla

Mark Surman

Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation

Max Safai

Former Vice President of Hardware Engineering, Manufacturing, and Operations, Amazon Go

Nate Weiner

Founder, Pocket; Head of New Markets, Mozilla

Owen Bennett

EU Policy Team, Mozilla

Peter Dolanjski

Director of Firefox Security & Privacy Products, Mozilla

Rebecca M. Farrar

Archetypal Astrologer, Writer, Community Collaborator

Rebecca Weiss

Director of Data Science, Mozilla

Rian Wanstreet

Mozilla Fellow

Richard Whitt

Mozilla Fellow

Roxi Wen

CFO, Mozilla

Rumman Chowdhury

Managing Director, Accenture AI

Sean White

Vice President of Emerging Technology, Mozilla

Shaka McGlotten

Queer Technoscience Anthropologist; Professor of Media Studies, Purchase College

Taavi Kotka

Former Chief information Officer, Estonian Government