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Meeting Details


  • The agenda was not set in advance for this session

Action Items

  • Mike will make a form for "What can I do for What Can I Do For Mozilla?" and put Larissa and Josh (and??) on the form to see what we get (done)


  • Possibility of a rec for a person who can look at data around contribution and build things like amazing dashboards and calculations for things like ROI
  • Kickstart demand by giving some sort of "contributor development ROI" to Mitchell as per her request
  • Josh could make a list of "things we'd like to look at"/goals/thing that are in his head
  • are there people in the systems and data working group who could respond with useful direction, could Pierros be of use here?• need to "prove" benefit of community building in data
  • we can approximate "we get x bugs fixed by community members when an engineering mentor type person spends y amount of time per week in" as an RoI measurement.
  • 3 categories: stuff we can measure, stuff we'd like to measure, and stuff we are pretty sure we can't measure but still think is valuable.
  • Goal of the next two weeks is categories/lists/asking people who we named as thinking they have data for some data.
  • The place to put lists of ROI/possible ROI is:
  • WhatCanIDoForMozilla and the Contribute page

• lets employ some design thinking • what is the end goal of contribute • how can we make it easy for people to add something to Josh's "what can i do for mozilla?" page?