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Meeting Details

  • Meeting time: Wednesday, January 25 at 1 PM Pacific
  • Video: David's vidyo room (use this link for guest access)
  • Audio: If video doesn't work, call +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 99296
  • Back channel: #mozillians


  • Anything else?

Action Items

  • Josh: Capture ideas about using stackoverflow as part of action plan
  • David: Invite William and Pierros to one of these calls to talk about Reps integration (how can we bring in more technical reps or help non-technical reps handle inquiries from people wanting to code)
  • David: Add offline channels section to action plan as place to sort out events strategy
  • David: Invite Luke Crouch to Coding Group meeting for shared channel discussion since web developers can be Firefox hackers too
  • Everyone: Spreadd doesn't seem like a good fit for coding opportunities.
  • Everyone: Add your name next to items on the wiki you want to own. Next week we'll see what's owned and what's not.
  • David: Look for job description for existing community manager position we can use as a start for a coding community manager job description
  • Josh: Investigate Pulse to see if it can help filter out people making first patch and post in relevant IRC channels about the bug.
  • David: Open bug about having Bugzilla emailing people who have had their first patch approved and add to action plan (for example, congratulation people and let them know about how to get added to credits and how to join phonebook)
  • David: Add recognition section about flagging people who have done outstanding work and sending swag, inviting to events (eg, Josh manually maintains a list of people he encourages)