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Meeting Details


Action Items

present: alexander wafula, david boswell, mhoye, lizzard, jet villegas

  • mhoye would like to talk about onramps, roadmaps, Dietrich and 3k+ new engineers.
    • We need good onramps fast for engineeers contributing to FirefoxOS. Taiwan, Foxconn. next week!
    • More localization work will be needed.
    • this should be centered around community/volunteer contribution paths. It can be an opportunity to combine efforts.

Jet - adobe folks are coming to mozilla sf in july to hack on gecko.

  • Taiwan engineers.
    • chinese speaking infrastructure
    • cultural factors, people who expect more hierarchy
    • culture of mozilla vs. foxconn How can we get more Mozillay-ness into the mix?
      • specifically. Language barrier, hard to tell if people are "getting it" or being polite. We could suggest structures for feedback.
      • asking for people to echo back their understanding. That can be hard, because people may have better english comprehension skills than speaking or writing. It may take practice.
    • Maybe using videos will be useful.
    • who is already in Mozilla and may be cultural ambassadors? not for literal translation but to educate western mozillians in cultural differences.
    • example: "That will present some difficulties" could mean or be interpreted as "we can do that, let's talk about how, because it's complicated" or as "There is no way in hell we will do that."
    • another example, people from the US talking with people from the UK. UK engineer says "you're very brave to suggest this idea". US engineer hears "great idea". UK engineer means "I think you are insane."
    • People's tone and communication style in Bugzilla on patches and code reviews.
    • an engineer from Taiwan may see an r- on a patch as a rejection, not as an opener for discussion. It may help to be less terse, and more welcoming of revision.
    • let's get a group of people together to discuss this.