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Meeting Details

  • Meeting time: Wednesday, August 22 at 10 AM Pacific
  • Video: David's vidyo room (use this link for guest access)
  • Audio: If video doesn't work, call +1 800 707 2533, pin 369, conf 9634#
  • Back channel: #mozillians


  • Meeting times: Next meeting after this on Wednesday, September 19 -- need to cancel other times due to David on PTO next week and MozCamp travel the two weeks after that
  • Community dashboards
    • Dashboard of dashboards
    • Making coding dashboards public (bug 771581)
      • Privacy review completed, pinged PR on Monday
    • Leverage ratio
      • Adding leverage ratio to coding dashboards (bug 783038)
      • Set this as a goal to increase? Currently at 1:1.6 (although this may be high since some people are labelled volunteers in dashboard who are employees)
    • Exploring uses for Metrics API (bug 729703)
    • Conversion funnel
      • Next phases: adding Bugzilla data in Q3 and then adding more data sources and branches to funnel
  • Using community dashboards
    • Measure effectiveness of first patch approved email when conversion tracking in place
    • Contributor survey once we have information about conversion path
  • Expanding representation at this meeting
    • B2G: Anyone else?
    • Fennec: Lucas and anyone else?
    • Devtools, webapps, others?
    • Creating a cross-product coding contribution opportunity entry page? Similar to Webdev Get Involved page

Action Items

  • Josh to look into making his Bugzilla mentored bugs graphs public
  • Josh to talk to Jonath next week