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We need visibility into the growth and health of our community to bring more volunteers into Mozilla and to have all contributors working to support Mozilla's goals. This page tracks the known dashboards available. Please feel free to link to others.

Mailing List

Join the discussion about dashboards by subscribing to the dashboard mailing list.

Functional Areas


Link Access Notes
http://areweamillionyet.org Public Provides information about the number of active contributors in the Mozilla community.
Grow mozilla dashboard2.png
http://arewegrowingyet.com Public Provides information about how many people are using the Get Involved page to express interest in contributing to all areas of Mozilla.


Link Access Notes
Patch map 600.png
http://arewegrowingyet.com/codingmap Public Provides information about patch contribution activity
Patch trends 600.png
http://arewegrowingyet.com/codingtrends Public Provides information about patch contribution activity
Release stats.png
Google Docs Public Provides information about who has been contributing to Firefox releases and show leverage calculations for each release
New existing returning graph.png Google Docs Public Contribution information for Firefox releases
Coding conversion rates.png
Google Docs Public Conversion ratio information for coding contribution funnel
Mentorwatch.png http://www.joshmatthews.net/mentorwatch/ Public Tracking mentorship activities per team
http://www.joshmatthews.net/swagger/health.html Public Number of first patches from new contributors committed each month
http://www.joshmatthews.net/swagger/index.cgi Public List all contributors whose first patch was committed within a certain period of time
Bz dashboard.png
http://toolness.github.com/bugzilla-dashboard Public Dashboard your BZ status. Also provides jit search of product/component for bug submission. (source code is at https://github.com/toolness/bugzilla-dashboard)
Seamonkey dashbaord.png http://dev.seamonkey.at/?d=x&i=project&m=f&v=x Public SeaMonkey has a tracker of who did checkins and reviews for which files in the source tree
Ohloh dashboard.png http://www.ohloh.net/p/firefox/ Public Ohloh has a number of dashboards that pull from Mozilla data sources and allows you to compare with other open source projects
http://people.mozilla.com/~klahnakoski/ LDAP Bugzilla Anthropology looks at Bugzilla data in numerous ways


Link Access Notes
Wiki dashboard.png http://wikiapiary.com/wiki/MozillaWiki Public Provides information about pages, users and edits of wiki.mozilla.org


Link Access Notes
Fundraising dashboard.png http://secretrobotron.github.io/external-development-dashboard/ Public Provides information about progress of fundraising efforts


Link Access Notes
Reps mentor map.png http://mentorship.mozillareps.org/ Public Tracks mentorship activity in the Mozilla Reps program


Link Access Notes
Sumo kpi dashboard.png https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kpi/dashboard Public Provides the Key Performance indicators for SUMO among them the Active Contributors Chart divided by area of contribution: L10n, KB, Army of Awesome, Forums
Sumo activities.png http://dataviz.mozilla.org/views/SumoActivity/Overview Password protected Tracks contributor activities across SUMO's L10n, KB, Army of Awesome, Forums projects


Link Access Notes
Webprod stats.png Google Doc Public Tracks contribution activity for www.mozilla.org, reps.mozilla.org and mozillians.org

Local Communities

Mozilla India

Link Access Notes
Mozilla india dashboard.png
http://devs.mozillaindia.org/leaderboard/ Public Provides information about activities of coders in the Mozilla India community

Future Plans

Some plans for additional community dashboards are available at

Source Code


If you're interested in discussions about data that will give us insight into the growth and health of our community, feel free to join the community-building mailing list.