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Community Manager, Education

We believe that open-source and the open web are formidable opportunities for students – and not only in computer science or technology! With open-source and the open web, students have the opportunities to work with people who change the world, to produce projects with world-wide exposure, and to change the world themselves.

As many open-source projects, Mozilla is, first and foremost, a community project, depending in large part on volunteer contributors. Many of these contributors are students, groups of students, or academics. Unfortunately, for the moment, Mozilla provides little support for curriculum development, mentor pairing, or alignment of students' work with Mozilla's priorities.

We want to work with technical colleges, computer science departments and independent educational groups to provide their students an opportunity for real world experience in open source development. Mozilla benefits by receiving code contributions, introducing and educating tomorrow's programmers about our technologies and mission, and by advancing our recruiting efforts directly into the classroom.

The Education Community Manager will...

The Education Community Manager will be in charge of getting Mozilla projects into the classroom. For this purpose, s/he will serve as the main liaison with students and academics throughout the world who share our passion for open-source and for the open web. S/he will find like-minded academics and students and help them organize student projects mentored by members of the Mozilla community, both on the Mozilla codebase and on/with Mozilla technologies (e.g. Popcorn). S/he will spend time in classrooms and research laboratories, demonstrating our works, getting people excited about open-source, the open web and our projects. S/he will help organize both coding creative competitions. S/he will help organize research partnerships between research laboratories and Mozilla. S/he will put students and academics in touch with developers.

The Education Community Manager is...

Passionate. Deeply involved in open-source and the open web. Aware of the interests of students and academics. Able to motivate students and academics throughout the world. A skilled mentor. A person who can get developers and students to collaborate. A person who can find the right mozillian for the right job.

Open to non-technology fields. Open to non-applied fields. Open to fundamental research.

The Education Community Manager uses tools such as...

- Programming languages (a subset of: JavaScript, C++, Python); - Web technologies (HTML, CSS); - Remote communication (IRC, Skype);

This position is available for remote work in some countries. If you are near one of our offices we're happy to provide a desk and many delicious snacks. Mozilla currently has offices in San Francisco, Mountain View, Portland, London, Paris, Auckland, Toronto, Vancouver and Taipei.



  • Experience working with academic institutions (in what way? group projects? specifically regarding working with companies/projects outside the org itself? is there specific job title for this kind of thing?)
  • Strong communication skills and desire to plan, discuss, and solicit feedback in the open
  • Ability to think, plan and execute resourcefully, with minimal supervision
  • Strong knowledge and passion about Mozilla and open source
  • Knowledge of infrastructure/web languages a plus (Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)