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Coding Reward Details

What: Recognizing contributions with swag

Owner: Mike Hoye, Engineering Community Manager


  • Execute the delivery of rewards.
  • Maintain a list of contributors who should be rewarded, who are in the process of being rewarded, and who have been rewarded.

Purpose: Recognizing significant contributions to Mozilla with a small token of appreciation is the right thing to do, and will increase the likelihood of keeping contributors inspired and vested in Mozilla's best interest moving forward.

Current Problems

Problems with the current method of rewarding contributors:

  • There is no single person who is responsible
  • Inconsistent action is taken by Mozilla in rewarding only some contributors, but not all who deserve it.
  • People who manually nominate a contributor have to ask the contributor if they've received the item several times.

Contributor Reward List

Contributor rewards should be maintained via a list which contains the people who need to be rewarded, and those who have been rewarded.

There are 2 scenarios in which you can get added to the list:

  • Automated with approval - people who reach a certain conversion point are nominated (eg, when someone gets commit access they get some shirt, stickers, etc). Nominations go to the community manager (or perhaps stewards?) who can decide if they should be added to the list of people that get swag. A specific conversion level from the Contribute Conversion Points wiki ( will be used to automatically determine nominations.
  • Mentor initiated - mentor nominates a contributor to the community manager, who manages acquiring address, t-shirt size, and shipping.

Note: in both cases, the community manager is in charge of obtaining shipping details, size, etc.

Mentor who nominates gets notified when:

  1. Nominated contributor gets added to the list,
  2. Shipment happens,
  3. Package is received from contributor. Or a timeout email if there was no response within a given time confirming receipt (Assuming an untracked package was sent).

Manual Nominations

A manual nomination should include at a minimum:

  • The nominator's full name
  • The nominator's email
  • The nominator's Mozillian's page link
  • The contributors full name
  • The contributors email
  • The contributor's Mozillian's page link
  • The requested swag

Next steps

  • Getting store details from katherine and setting this as a requirement -- David
  • Get feedback from wquiviger, madalina and rosana from SUMO, MDN (sheppy?)
  • Post bugs for automated bits (Owner?)
  • Flesh out extra job description responsibilities (Onwer?)