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Meeting Details


Action Items


  • Mentor watch -
    • jdm talking about creating an individual dashboard - show bug lists from stats, lists of bugs that could be mentored (assigned but untouched for some time), easy poke for inactive mentored bugs, comparitive stats with rest of team?
    • maragaret: consider instead of hardcoding team lists, fetch all mentors for given product/component
    • discussion about creating a list of "mentor wanted" bugs for potential mentors to look at and pick up
    • discussion about role of mentor - needs to know how to fix the bug, or just know enough to find resources/other developers who can answer questions?
      • jaws and mhoye suggest that the latter leads to more mentored bugs, since often the real difficulties is not in the code, but in the process (creating patch, setting up build env, knowing who to talk to, etc.).
      • jdm suggests that acting as mentor for a bug without knowing concrete details of fixing can lead to bugs that are much harder than anticipated; poor experience for mentee, take lots of time, etc.
  • github pull requests:
    • margaret's experience at mozfest - many people see github as mechanism for open source, pull requests are easy and attractive. we currently ignore them on github, maybe we should find a better way to deal with them.
    • margaret suggests creating bot to watch pull requests, create new bugzilla issues automatically, attach diff as patch and link in pull request. help contributors find the correct workflow.
    • mhoye talking about mirroring mentored bugs list in github issues, general feeling from others that this is too much work
    • jdm notes that github mirror seems to be on the way out according to releng posts re: official git mirror (; might be worth retaining as a honeypot for new contributors
  • dashcon 2014
    • jan 14, 2014, vancouver - get together with people interested in making graphs and dashboards, hack and learn. people from metrics, bizdev, stewards, etc. 14th for travel, 15th for hack hack hack. talk to mhoye if interested.