Storming the Syllabus

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In this session, we will take a traditional syllabus and, as a group, figure out all the ways we could reconfigure it for peer-to-peer interactive learning from the ground up. Tools will be everything from index cards and markers on butcher paper to a wiki on which we will, together, showcase a variety of techniques for collective syllabus-building. We will invite participants to post their own syllabi as prototypes that others can learn from.

On Thursday:
14:00–14:50Storming the Syllabus: Session #1
Twenty-first century Literacies: Building a syllabus together
Activity leader: Cathy Davidson

15:00–15:50 Storming the Syllabus: Sesson #1 (Continued):
Twenty-First Century Literacies

16:00–16:50 Storming the Syllabus: Session #2
“Introduction to Culture and Technology” course for the Large Co-located Class (200+ people) What are the affordances of a crowd that can be applied to the large lecture class?
Activity leader: Anne Balsamo

On Friday:
11:00–11:50 Storming the Syllabus: Session #3:
Digital Tools and Social Practices
Activity Leader: Trebor Scholz
This session continues into the next one, “Storming the Gradebook”