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Membership Overview & Thesis

The internet and the browser market has seen a breadth of dynamic changes in the market over the past 10 years. However, as a mission-based organization, our key principles have not changed. As part of these changes, it is critical that we constantly assess how we add value, how we engage with our users and how our business model will adapt to future changes. The purpose of this program was to to address this and evaluating if a membership model, premium services or philanthropic models are an alternative to create a deeper engagement with users around our core issues, deliver long-term value to our users and deliver financial sustainability to Mozilla.

Process - How are we going about this?

There are three key goals for a membership offering:

  1. Deeper engagement / Social impact
  2. User value
  3. Revenue diversification

Our overall approach and process is to be highly user driven. Digging deep on user needs / demands. Understanding how they make decisions around the context of our values and technology. To this end, it was important to break down the project into discernible "chunks".

Phase 0: Understand the market

How have other advocacy organizations structured themselves? How did they grow? What value did they give to users? How did they most effectively use those users?

Phase 1: Understand the user segment we are targeting

Mozilla is strategically targeting the Conscious Chooser segment for growth. How do these users view membership? How do they make decisions based on value/values? How do they view our values? How important are our values in their decision making?

Phase 2: Concept validation with users

With the insight learned from Phase 1, can create some concepts and validate them with users.

Ways to engage

If you are interested in this program, get in touch with Mark Crandon ( Watch the Mozillians category on Discourse for updates on this work.