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Task Proposal


Code Status

Sergio Charpinel, Jr.

Get ISPDB into Production. The ISPDB is a service to provide domain-specific email account setup information for email clients. The task is to finish and deploy it.

Much of what was specced was accomplished. Work remaining: localization, internationalization and UI improvements.

Half finished. ISPDB is not yet in production. Code.

Gautam Akiwate

L10n Tool for Standardization of Terms. Design and implementation of a tool, based on Transvision, to provide a terminology translation table of standard terms, plus a tool to use it to help with translation of new strings and find problems with existing translations.

The 'Moses' machine translation tool was used, and the product was implemented for 4 languages. The translations obtained from the tool were sometimes better than the original translations. However, languages in which there is not a lot of existing data do not yet work well.

Prototype implemented. There is a plan to introduce it into the Mozilla translation process. Code.

Vikash Agrawal

HTML5 and CSS3 Examples on MDN. Add examples to MDN for these two technologies, to improve our offering.

Examples were written.

Due, to a platform change at MDN, the examples were not put online immediately. The plan is to do that in January. Code.

Kailas Ravsaheb Patil

User-Specified Content Security Policy. Create a tool for Firefox users to specify CSP policies for websites they visit. This helps in CSP policy development, and gives options to security-sensitive users.

A "userCSP" addon was developed that hooks into Firefox's CSP implementation to allow a user to specify a policy for a web page, and can also calculate policies on the fly for sites visited.

The add-on is up on AMO and has been preliminarily reviewed by the AMO reviewers. Addon, Code.

Will Nayes

Instantbird: Account Import Wizard. Enhance Instantbird to import user account information and settings and logs from the following instant messaging clients: AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, mIRC, Pidgin, XChat, and Colloquy.

A series of importer modules were created to perform the task of importing data from each of the supported client programs. User account importation for all clients, and log importing for Pidgin, mIRC, and XChat, was finished by the end of the summer.

The code is in the process of being reviewed before landing. Code.

Atul Jangra

Improve Gmail Interoperability. The task is to make Thunderbird work better with Gmail.

Code was written of sufficiently quality to integrate directly into Thunderbird.

Shipped in Thunderbird 17. Code is in comm-central.

Robert Koch

WebSocket Testing Tool. Extend a security scanner for web applications, the OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) to support WebSockets, such that you're able to view and modify traffic. WebSockets are an upcoming standard enabling real-time communication on the Internet.

In the upcoming version of ZAP, WebSocket channels are recognized and displayed in the GUI. You can see all messages sent back & forth, set breakpoints to intercept specific messages and modify them, and you can install a filter and replace payloads according to some regular expression.

Will ship with ZAP version 2, "sometime before the end of 2012". Code.

Girish Sharma

Graphical Timeline of Events. Write a scalable developer tool that will allow developers to visually see, inspect and connect various kind of events going on in the browser, be it Network Events, DOM Events, Memory Events or Console Events. Add Remote Debugging support so that any remote browser, be it mobile or desktop could be inspected.

Support for network events, memory events and DOM events was completed.

Code is complete, currently as an add-on, and it is hoped to integrate it into Firefox by default. Addon, Code.

Han Lin

Thunderbird: 'No Reply' Reminder. Integrate a reply manager into Thunderbird that monitors the reply status of marked emails. Functions include marking an outgoing email as "expecting replies", monitoring who has replied and who has not, and giving timely feedback of reply status.

All the functions required have been implemented. However the user interface is not satisfactory yet and is still under review.

The back-end code is complete but the UI is still being refined. Code.

Jiten Thakkar

Networking Dashboard. Create a dashboard to show internal statistical data from Firefox's networking stack and also perform some diagnostic tests (like pinging a server or doing an SSL handshake). Create an interface to supply the data, and an addon to display it.

The interface was created and also an add-on which shows the statistical data in tabular form. The diagnostic part was not completed because the implementation of other functionality took a lot more time then anticipated.

The patch is up for review. Other people have been working on it too; the code has been modified a lot since the end of GSoC. Screenshots, Code, Code.

Xingxing Pan

Port SuperTux to the Web. Emscripten is a new C/C++-to-Javascript compiler, which aims to port native desktop applications, for example games, into the web. The task is to port Supertux, a SuperMario-like game, to the web using Emscripten.

Supertux is ported to web, and can run in Firefox 16. Some work remains to be done, for example the level editor is not ported yet.

The game is included as an example on the main page of Emscripten. Code.

Vilson Vieira da Silva Junior

Meemoo Improvements. The task is to improve the hackable web apps framework: Meemoo. One aim was to create a way to easily build new Meemoo modules using a live code and collaborative editor.

The live code editor was created, as well as other improvements inside Meemoo like new modules for drawing, generating 3D shapes, hacking with threejs, transmitting data between two or more Meemoo users using Meteor, and initial modules for audio synthesis using the Web Audio API and Audio Data API.

The first version of the editor is finished. It is online at The other modules with examples of their use are listed in the Meemoo Gallery. Code.

Jeremy Banks

Slide Drive Improvements. The task is to prototype a pure browser-based slideshow package that would let people mix graphics and text the way they do in desktop slideshow tools, and integrate with HTML5 media APIs to do narration.

Enough was built to show that the idea is a good one, but the infrastructure needed isn't there yet. In particular, SVG isn't nearly as robust, or as well integrated into modern browsers, as was hoped.

The prototype is up on GitHub. Code.

Nguyen Ngoc Trung

Thunderbird: App Tabs. The task is to implement support for App Tabs in Thunderbird.

Several work-in-progress patches were posted.

There are patches on the bug but no work has been done for several months. Bug.

Marco Castelluccio

Native Webapps Support on Linux. The Native Webapps feature in Firefox permits a webapp to be installed in the OS and launched as a separate process in a standalone window and environment. Currently this support exists for Windows and OSX, and the goal of this project is to bring the same support for Linux desktop, specifically for Gnome.

Much work was done on our native webapps support, although the newness of that code meant that much of the time was spent fixing cross-platform problems.

Native web apps are now supported on Linux, although native web apps on desktop in general are now on the back burner for a while. Code is in mozilla-central.

Matthew Ramir

OpenBadges Back End Improvements. The task turned out to be to add accessibility features to the OpenBadges website.

Parts of the website were made accessible.

Fixes are in the current Code, project codebase.