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This Week

Monday, 14 May

  • Added two buttons to userCSP add-on namely: "Combine Strict" and "Combine Loose"

Tuesday, 15 May

Wednesday, 16 May

New Layout of userCSP add-on


Following figure shows dynamic part of userCSP add-on UI.
Website CSP rules and User specified CSP rules are display to user dynamically after user saves any CSP directive rules.


Thursday, 17 May

  • After discussing with mentor, did some changes to userCSP add-on UI.
    • Web CSP rules, User CSP rules and Combine CSP rules, all now come on three rows sequentially.
    • Change buttons to radio buttons for "Combine Strict" and "Combine Loose" UI elements.
    • Right justified "Apply Combine Rules" and "Apply User Rules" buttons.

Friday, 18 May

  • Added "* (Every Website)" entry in the select Domain Name option drop down box to allow users to apply universal CSP policy to all web sites.