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This Week

Monday, 09 July

  • BugFix: Removed rule for a directive from userList UI element is not reflected in database as well as in complete userCSPRule List is fixed

When user define rules for a CSP directive and later want to remove a particular rule from the directive, it should be immediately reflected in database to allow users to test their change. However, removed rule from directive was only removed from UI but was not reflected into database.

Tuesday, 10 July

  • BugFix: "User CSP Rules" option of "ALL" Tab UI is not reflecting the change (removal of rule) from directive rule list
 To allow users to view rules they defined for CSP directives, we have "All" tab in add-on. This tab is useful for user to see all directive rules as well as website defined CSP rules. 
  When user removes a particular rule from a directive, it should be reflected in "User CSP Rule" option in "All" tab to allow users to see their change in "All" tab.

Wednesday, 11 July

Thursday, 12 July

  • Implement user entered rule filtering. Prevent users from entering syntactically wrong rules.

Friday, 13 July