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This Week

Monday, 30 July

  • BugFix: When change location of the tab, other stuff comes up (from the previous domain). should be cleared automatically when the site changes. (only when the all tab is the one opened when you exit the UI)

Tuesday, 31 July

  • BugFix: "about://null" is displaying in the domain list.
The domain list should only contain website domain names. It require to filter out "about" protocol, 
such as "about"blank", "about:config", etc

Wednesday, 01 August

  • Implemented feature: The domain for "Select Domain" should be set to the currently active tab instead of on Every website.

Whenever user navigate to another site in same tab or open a new tab to visit another site, domain list in add-on shows "Every Website" rules. Whereas, it should show active domain and it rules. If none of the site is open by user in then it should show "Every website" rules as default selected item.

Thursday, 02 August

  • Change "Apply User Rules" to "Save User Rules" in All Tab UI
  • BugFix: In HTTP Response URI was not URI of Origin initiated request. But it was a URI of sub resource. therefore, CSP was not correctly enforce on Origin domain.
** Implemented a logic to retrieve URI of document in HTTP - response.  
** Handle the case for first request. Document URI is either null or about:blank for first response of the site.

Friday, 03 August

  • BugFix: requires restart fixed - so don't need to restart to apply the rules.

After setting user CSP rules, to apply those rules on website, Firefox restart was required. Now, user defined CSP rules are applied without Firefox restart.