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This Week

I tested security report tool in FF 23.0a2 (Aurora) version and it breaks. It works in FF 20.0 but breaks in FF 23.0a2 version.

After a couple of hours testing, I found that its because of "cu.import" . I imported following two files:

Cu.import("resource:///modules/devtools/Toolbox.jsm", null);
Cu.import("resource:///modules/devtools/Target.jsm", null);

But above files doesn't exists in FF 23.0a2. Therefore, my extension was breaking. Such a simple error took me hours to figured out.

Mihai ( later suggested me to do something like:

let tools = Cu.import("resource://gre/modules/devtools/Loader.jsm", {}).devtools;
let TargetFactory = tools.TargetFactory;

I performed string parsing for SSL errors. IMHO, string parsing is not a good approach, but I need to reply on string parsing because SSL errors are reported as string messages.