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About the project

This is the development tracking page for the creation of a new memory information page, which is a Google's Summer of Code project.

The idea is to create an interactive page which will demystify memory statistics for people who are not involved in developing the browser, but are interested users, or independent web developers, who would like to know about the footprint that the browser creates under-the-hood.

The project will be developed as an extension using the Firefox Add-On (formerly Jetpack) SDK, and would mainly make use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The visualizations and interactions would be handled by the library D3.js.

Development Chronology

Week 1 (Summary: Repository initialized)

Week 2 (Summary: First data-set pulled)

Week 3 (Summary: New bug discovered)

Week 4 (Summary: Target library running)

Week 5 (Summary: Inconsistencies in the data-set corrected)

Week 6 (Summary: Preparing first build)

Week 7 (Summary: Prototype is up at

Week 8 (Summary: Adding live updates)

Week 9 (Summary: Addressing memory leaks)

Week 10 (Summary: Adding a time-slider and start/stop concept to live updates)

Week 11 (Summary: Implementing more visualizations)

Week 12 (Summary: Improving new visualizations)

Week 13 (Summary: Re-factoring system calls to improve speed)

Week 14 (Summary: v1.0.0 is bundled and uploaded)

Additional Links

⦁ The original project proposal

⦁ The code repository

⦁ The wrap-up post by the developer

⦁ The extension on AMO